Please, keep your distance. Poetic letter

Dear readers,

This is an excerpt of a new poetic letter called:

Nice Woman

Please, keep your distance
Keep your distance
I do not want to suffer
Of your hurtful words
Your offenses, to my mind

The darkness surrounds me in this sweet night
I’m dressed and free of my actions
I am ready to meet, make delight
No more fear and tribulations

Previously, I was vomiting
When I heard your name cursed
Now I’ll sway me hips
On the Ride of the Valkyries (…)


The poetic letter is on the site of poetry: The free thoughts


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The pride of my values. Poetic letter

Hi dear readers,
I’m back after a while of working holiday and return of positive energy needed to develop my writing.

Dear reader, this is  a new poetic letter, entitled:

nice day beach

The pride of my values.

When I ask kittens
Do you want hot or cold milk?
It drinks in the warm bowl,
The other cat will go to cold drink

When I saw my seeds in fertile soil
They grow fed and rocked clear waters
Some go crazy and hot
While others are soft and flavored

I spent a lot of time
Attention and kindness
In raising them, protecting them
Now we have thankless (…)

The poetic letter is on the site of poetry: The free thoughts

(I recall you that some poetic letters are not autobiographical).
You will know soon the schedule, of fantastic tales and series.
Great thank you for your loyalty.

Sherley Sherly. Film. Article 8. The Metamorphosis

Dear Readers.

You can read a new article n°8 called: The Metamorphosis

Dear readers. See you soon.


Article 8: Intrigues. The Metamorphosis

Here is an extract:
“The weather was stormy in the south of the Mediterranean. In the end of August, the last tourists were leaving the area heads full of memories (…) The cyber café, of the city of Marcyvilliers, was never empty on this Saturday evening. (…)
During the meeting of the Wesss, in Vendôme, Sherley Sherly spoke.
– A strange item was found during the renovation of the building guests the property of Mimosa, when they come in the summer. (…) Here are copies of some pages are damaged.
The first few pages were looked on the giant screen surrounding the room and on their respective computers, of the members of the Sherley Sherley Show.
– Is it a Latin script? Was wondered Bikerman.
– Yes this is an extract of the Italian Quattrocento Manuscript or Cinquecento. These are the leaves of a book of hours, certainly the fifteenth century.
– The book has he been appraised? Was asked Ryōchōmei Akio intrigued
– Yes, I do a survey. It is authentic. (…). Moreover it carries a subtitle entitled “Metamorphosis”. But there has strange signs are amazing inside.
– Tell, said Soleily Del Amontes with anxiously.
– In this sheet, I find the sight of my father’s office overlooking the Mediterranean (zooming, near the library, I see the paintings that are currently in the gallery of the staircase). And if you look closer, the mirror reflects something that surprised me.
– Oh! This is a computer. But this is insane!
– Yes, and I looked at the paintings, and the gray area is no doubt.
– The three ancestral portraits of your father’s family? Asked Andrei Bikerman.
– That’s right, confirmed Sherley pushing her hair behind her back.
– Oh, but you seem to know more about the live of Sherley, that of us! Told Ricardo Firzy.
Bikerman blushed. (…) ”

Following the publication article 8 of the scenario 3: “Sherley Sherly & the Lydia of Gold Price”, in the site:

I will return with new publications, after these working-holidays.
See you soon. Thanks for your fidelity.


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