TALE n°4 Zahera, the little gypsy in the Kingdom of the Chakra

Dear readers,
You can read for several weeks the first chapters of a fantastic new tale entitled “Zahera, the little gypsy in the Kingdom of the Chakra”. Here’s a summary.

The inhabitants of the town of Côme, rejoiced in the arrival of the international circus Benita, in their charming Italian town with its attractive streets, plazas and lovely. (…) Zahera Floricel a small Romanian, lived alone in a dilapidated trailer. Most affected of the loss of his parents, Natalia and Adam Floricel last year at the same place, the girl thought back to the joy of having lived with them.(…) His father, Adam had an unparalleled ability in the manufacture of puppets skillfully carved. Zahera and his mother looked after the finish and clothing for dolls.(…)
Suddenly Zahera thought back to the terrible tragedy. (…)

Following the official website of Tales: Fortunalia. Book of Magical Tales.


Good reads:)

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  1. The story is very interesting “Zahera”

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