SCENARIO No. 1: Sherley SHERLY and Enigmas of the Oxus

Dear readers,
The scenario No. 1 of the film is finished. However, in this category, you will know the explanations on various topics of the scenario 2010-2011
Scenario No. 1
The group of musicians Sherley Sherly Show, will showcase the weekend at the Cybercafe, and concerts during the school holidays. They are very interested in environmental issues in The Wesss, The world’s ecological Sherley Sherly Show.

Several action films, Sherley Sherly and Enigmas of the Oxus, will be held from Paris to London via the United States and Central Asia.
Why have they become the target of malicious groups?

The revelation, of the existence the world of Oxus, will trigger the arrival of evil forces, and uncontrollable. The Cerberus are back!

The excerpts of the screenplay, are in the following topics: Synopsis. Articles. Sherley Sherly Show. Intrigues and Investigations. The Wesss. Songs. Images.
Readings of excerpts of the script are in official website:

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