The publication of Volume III: “Ti-Cœur ANGEL and the Apothecary”.

Dear readers,
The publications of the early chapters of Volume III of the series Ti-Cœur ANGEL started.

The apprentice dressmaker, Ti-Cœur ANGEL and his friends will face the curious phenomena that you find in history with a strange apothecary.
We all have memories of the wonderful and miraculous cures of our grandmothers, great-grandparents, and the stories of veterans who survived the wars, or conflicting events. However, some treatments were not enough to compensate for an accident or injury, more or less serious.

He had to find a particular doctor.
In Volume III, the mysterious apothecary, with spooky medications, will it be useful?
We find that injuries remain without health care exacerbate injuries.

In the chapters, a series of mishaps will occur. Thymothy Hongres will make the sad experience.
This talented young man in his profession, help the children of the sewing workshop Ms. Sinter “The Little Hands” to make a challenge. Endearing new characters will emerge.

Ti-Cœur ANGEL support his family faced hard tests of the disease. Will it respond correctly to save a chair?
His friends, Cannelle Cokar, Corentyne Cleves Vallier, and Valentin Lambrisque, you they can help rescue them?

In her strange reclusive firm in the heart of the rainforest as a forger, Cosmas Belaroseas, manufactures of banned substances. For years he lived in a haven of peace, rarely making its appearance near the town of Saint-Pierre. A dramatic event will mark the end of his peace …

With the pleasant discoveries in the sewing workshop “The Little Hands” and disturbing ways to overcome the suffering, distress and disease, we headed to the reading of tropical adventure, fantasy, “Ti-Cœur ANGEL and the Apothecary.”

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