TALE No. 5: Emi Kane, and the incantations of the Shogun in Edo

Now is the time of publication of the new story.
Dear readers and friends,
This is the tale No. 5: Emi Kane, and the incantations of the Shogun in Edo.
Here are the publications of a new fantasy tale!
And you can read the exclusive, not the first 5 chapters, but the first 10 chapters of this story, dedicated to publishing.
You can discover for several weeks, the adventures of a little Japanese, called Emi Kane.
Apprentice archivist in the vast library, Amaterasu, of Edo, belonging to the administration, of Gokenin, where she worked, the young Japanese will face dangerous and fabulous events.
Indeed, she has a dark secret that led him there four years ago to leave the area of Kyoto, where she lived during her happy childhood.
She must rely on dire predictions telling him about a shortened life?
His friend, Jun Wataru, he will succeed in discovering the mysterious secret that has haunted the minds of the girl?
In Japan’s daimyo lords, clan fiefdoms, and seasoned samurai under the command of the Emperor and the Shogun of Edo, some people are ruthless.
Of betrayal, manipulation and misfortune, Emi Kane will have no choice, and that entrepreneurship can a long and perilous journey of atonement with a secret too much to bear for such a young and fragile little Japanese.

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