Happy New Year 2011! Here is news of the series Sherley SHERLY.

Dear readers,
In the series Sherley SHERLY, from Saturday, January 8 will be issued a new publication schedule for January-June 2011.
Changes in the articles were put in place. You can find them in the usual sections.
The scenario “Sherley SHERLY and Enigmas of the Oxus” has been reorganized. So you can follow the adventures of musicians, dancers, and the main characters. Of new individuals have emerged.
Thus, articles will be posted in the following topics:
Intrigue & Investigations,
The Sherley Sherly Show
Synopsis extracts,
The Think Up Zen
The songs and their explanations

You will discover in the spring, following the publication of Scenario No. 2, “Sherley Sherly and the Seven Wonders of the World ” with the release of new songs, with a surprise for the month of April 2011.
Happy New Year 2011!
Thank you for your loyalty.

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