Songs of scenario 1 film of Sherley SHERLY

Hi. You will find the publications of 7 songs of Scenario No. 1 film, “Sherley SHERLY and Enigmas of the Oxus”, for publication in the official site:

N°1 song: Here the key of this success
N°2 song: Our hearts glamour
N°3 song: You are my Casanova
N°4 song: Come! I invite you in a beautiful virtual world
N°5 song: Look at in the mirror of universalization
N°6 song: I am called Amour
N°7 song: My Love says a wish for us two

The explanations of the songs are revealed.
In the series, musicians and dancers, of the group Sherley Sherly Show will interpret their songs in their live shows and through. They will be tough competition in their events and will assert themselves.

International stars will achieve dazzling shows. Indeed, stars Victoria Fée, a young Quebec singer, thirties, and Shar Berlow Wardewer, a young singer from the Arabian Peninsula, and grapple with one another, through two new songs from scenario 1, you discovered in spring 2011.
Between jealousy and controversy, beware of those who come between them!
This recital will be performed by the two international stars in duality, Victoria Fée and Shar Berlow Wardewer. The fighting arts, will be uncompromising. (…)

Informations composers:
If you want to compose music for the film of Scenario 1, as a composer, musician or group, thank you for contacting the author, by e-mail. or

Cordial greetings

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