Happy Valentine’s day! News of the fantasy tale Japanese “Emi Kane and the incantations of the Shogun of Edo.”

Dear readers,
Here is news of the young archivist, Emi Kane, who works in the library Amaterasu, the city Edo.
I planned to publish a dozen chapter of the fantastic tale. “Emi Kane and incantations of the Shogun of Edo”
You can read the rest of the chapter with an excerpt of Chapter No. 2.
“Then, Emi Kane slipped away, to go in the kitchen preparing tea for the visitor she was hiding. The soldier would spend the night in hiding. It was not about to make him leave.
Previously, she secured that the presence of the governess in the tea house.
This continued in the final preparations mizuya. While at the floor, the tea master was talking in his office with master archivist.
Zen Dai Daichi, adorned with a silk hakama white with gray stripes, and a backsplash steep, dominated the meeting. His assistants were wearing olive-colored cotton hakama. Sometimes they murmured among themselves.
– Prior to the service of purification of the elements I wanted to show you this, told the tea master.
He released one of his sleeves a sealed letter, from the shogunate.
The archivist, took her trembling. ”


The writings of the chapters continue, and you can read more Friday, March 4.

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