Ti-Coeur ANGEL, Volume I, presentation

Volume 1: Ti-Cœur ANGEL and the Zombi of the Carnival
Presentation of Volume 1

“After drinking a quick bowl of chocolate Ti-Coeur, ran out of the house. His shoulder bag filled with food, as it prepared his grandmother for his lunch, bounced off his leg. He barely caught his hat blown away bakoua trade winds, and thrust it over his head.
That night, he slept very little, preferring to read a borrowed book in the sewing of Madame Augustine Sinter, her boss, entitled “How to make carnival costumes?” …
Here is an excerpt from the first chapter of Volume 1 that can read in the site of Ti-Coeur Angel, of the five that are published.
This is the story of Ti-Coeur, a young apprentice tailor who lives with his grandparents Eugene and Elise Angel into the city St. Pierre, in Martinique.
This first volume takes place during the period of carnival fun in the Caribbean islands of the Caribbean.
What a wonderful carnival, rhythm, shimmering costumes!
Ti-Coeur and his friends are apprentices tailors in the shop of Madame Sinter, “The Small Hands”.

Thus, during this festive period, Cannelle Cokar, Valentin Lambrisque and Paolo Christo, will face the disturbing phenomena.

In this Volume 1, there is the atmosphere of years past, with cultural and historical references of Caribbean islands.
We will discover a journey through the Caribbean islands, unusual encounters and fantastic events.

In the series Ti-Coeur Angel, we can find endearing characters, folklore, customs and music of the Caribbean through songs that explained in the section of the blog.

The volumes are accompanied vigils of Pa Angel, the grandfather of Ti-Coeur Angel, which sent a preview here:
“After this delicious cooked by colombo Man Angel, Pa Angel took a big lantern hanging on the walls of the porch and filled it with oil. He struck a match and lit it.
Wisps of, circled around the lamp and the song of cicadas ringing in the distance. He left the house, uttering a long cry, Y-é-Cric!
Some distant voices scattered around the house shouted Y-e-Crac! …”

Publications integrals of the fantastic vigils Pa Angel, the grandfather of Ti-Coeur:

No. 1 “Raoul the little cobbler, and the 17 thieves of the road of the Trace ”

In April 2011, a new vigil published!
No. 2 “The Incredible commands of Raoul Brodequin” (Working Title)

Other topics up the Tome of the series Ti-Coeur Angel be explained during this year.
Thank you for your loyalty.


This series Ti-Coeur ANGEL are designed for publishing, broadcasting and production of animated films.

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