Reading the fantasy tale chapter 3, part 1: the spearhead.

Hi Dear readers. The Japanese tale “Emi Kane and incantations of the Shogun of Edo” continues. Emi will protect his friend, Jun Wataru, but Dosan Hidenori, the samurai clan enemy of his city wants to take the child, the merchant, with him. Important documents are circulating in the city, and his boss, the master Gen. Hayao Kazuhisa, archivist, Library will make every effort to recover a valuable message.
Emi Kane Who will give her confidence? Japan in ancient times, the clans of nobles and samurai, with the power of the Shogun and emperors, the tensions, rivalries and conflicts will triggered. Young Japanese go from surprise to surprise.

Emi Kane and the incantations of the Shogun in Edo
Chapter 3: the spearhead.
Reading chapters 3 part 1 of The Tale No. 5.
Thanks for your messages. Greetings.

A thought, for the suffering people in Japan, and surrounding countries. Protection, peace and hope for Japan, which suffered an earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear disaster.

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