Ti-Coeur ANGEL and the Apothecary. Volume III, reading chapter 1-5.

Dear readers. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 5.

“Ti-Cœur Angel has quickly jumped over the railing of the sewing school “Small Hands” for to run after Laviedrôle. The little dog was in his mouth the precious notebook, and it should not escape.

The children called their comrade

– Ti-Coeur! Come back into the school!

Suddenly, Thymothy Hongres felt a sharp pain in hands. Confused, he asked where it came from: perhaps the shock of seeing the dog in the direction of the center of Saint-Pierre in Martinique, or the obsession the disease that tormented him.

– You’re not allowed to leave school without permission! Cried Louise Mouitel, and Suzie Sinter same time.
– Yeah, he took the opportunity to skip class, criticized Guy Vallier, chuckling. Is not he who had to make tonight one hour of glue?
– Shut up then! Valentin Lambrisque’s friend of Ti-Coeur replied. As for punishment, I think you overtake this quarter?

The two boys came together and were soon to grapple with one another when Ryad Salm, they remarked.
– And guys, why Mr. Hongres said nothing?
The stylist Thymothy Hongres, seemed disappointed. He clung tightly to the back of the bench, and dreaded the moment to see her healing away. Without the guidance notebook, he feared the worst.
– It’s strange. Look guys, he became livid!
– Looks like he falters.

The designer did not have time to get an answer to his thoughts, and children saw him vanish immediately. ”

Sunday, April 3, you can read the Chapter 5 of Volume 3, in publication full.
In the meantime, you can read the first chapters 1 – 5 of Volume 3.
Thank you for your loyalty.


This series Ti-Coeur ANGEL designed for publishing, broadcasting and production of animated films.

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