The vigil of Pa ANGEL No. 1. Series Ti-Coeur ANGEL.

Dear readers. This is the fantastic vigils of Pa Angel, the grandfather of Ti-Coeur ANGEL.

Vigil n°1 Pa Angel: Raoul the little cobbler, and the 17 thieves of the road from the Trace:

The evening begins with the meeting of neighbors Angel family, in the city of St. Pierre in Martinique.
Pa Angel, the grandfather of Ti-Coeur, is always happy to recount the fantastic adventures of shoemakers, Raoul and Firmin Brodequin.
Firmin and his son Raoul, will cross the path of dangerous criminals who rob traders and travelers, on the path of the Trace.

«One day, Raoul has to go with his father Firmin, for make a delivery of shoes from one of their loyal customer, living in Fontaine-Didier. They had to take the dangerous route of the Trace, which ran from St. Pierre to Fort-de-France, crossing the vast rainforest. (…)

– Stop, strangers!

Several hooded men, emerged from the thick ferns of the forest and pointed their knives sharpened on Firmin and his son. Others came on horseback (…).

– We are the owners of the road trace. All must pay their way, through the road.

– Gentlemen, I am only a poor cobbler who transports only shoes for a few villagers.

– We will check the goods. They are ours! Claimed a man who seemed to direct the band.

– You are nothing but thieves! The route of the Trace is for everyone, and there is no owner!
Firmin, revolted suddenly, where his thinking of his cargo which represented several months of work.

– Yes, we are thieves, escaped prisoners. Then you pay your way, or we take your life, shouted the leader who advanced threateningly.

Firmin did not reply because he thought the life of his son is in danger..”

The vigil of Pa Angel No. 1, is published, in full on the site.

The vigil of Pa Angel No. 2, will begin April 27, 2011, in full publication.

Thank you for your loyalty.

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