Happy Easter, Dear readers. News of the series Sherley Sherly

Dear readers,
– Writing the screenplay No. 2 continues:
“Sherley Sherly and the Seven Wonders of the World,” and you discover the further adventures of musicians, dancers, with extracts, 3 new songs for the month of June 11.

Thursday, June 2, 2011, new writings and texts of songs, taken from scenario 2

– You can continue reading the articles in the sections of the series of scenario 1, in the site:
” Sherley Sherly and the enigmas of the Oxus” Intrigue & Investigations, the Sherley Sherly Show, Synopsis extracts, The Think Up Zen, The Wesss
Here is an excerpt from The Wesss.
GMO issue Cosw-Fash 4 / 10 and Suite 5 / 10
“The GMO cotton? Said Richard Lucia.
– Yes I remember the B-terminator seeds, with the dramas of the 1500 Indian farmers, who have committed suicide, explained Sherley Sherly.
– It’s huge! Cried Soleily Del Amontes.

– In fact, I’ll refresh your memory. I have information freely available on the dangers of GMOs. In India, Professor Nanjundaswamy created the. Movement for the Defense of Farmers in Karnataka and for several years he fought against GMOs.
– What are multinationals responsible for that?
– It’s Mahyco, who acted with the agrochemical multinational Monsanto.
– Monsanto, Monsanto .. but it’s the multinational that manufactured Agent Orange.

– Yes, with a dozen companies responsible for chemical warfare operations in the sixties during the Vietnam War. (…)
– So, most Indian farmers got into debt with the purchase of GM seed be called extraordinary.
– What these companies promised them?
– A miraculous recipe crop seeds with B-Terminator (Bt) hybrids that would make sure a better harvest, were associated with a very dangerous herbicide glyphosate. Roundup is the kind, properties extremely toxic to humans.
What happened? ”
Note:The Inquiry of The Wesss are authentic. Some names of multinational companies and characters are real, others are fictional.

– The surprises of April: there are two new pictures on April 22, and 3 new images Thursday, April 28 11.

Happy Easter Weekend.
Thank you for your loyalty.

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