Here’s the surprise, of a new theme of Japanese fantasy tale “Emi Kane..”

Dear readers, the new theme is with some prints taken from Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido, allow us to see the scene of wonderful landscapes designed by the artist Utagawa Hiroshige, which will take place in this fantastic tale N°5:

In Chapter 5, Part 2, published Friday, May 20, on the place of “Nihonbashi Bridge”, where you will see the two prints on the site.

The girl Japanese, Emi Kane, armed with a wakizashi, will do everything possible to save his friend, Jun Wataru. Indeed, the little fruit seller, too curious, has read confidential letters, which, if disclosed, content could put, his life at risk.
Aware of this, it is under the effect of dangerous samurai, Dosan Hidenori, who captured him, they will leave on the dangerous road of the Tokaido, to do a unique mission. They will rally in Tokyo Edo, checking the strict of samurai, Hidenori.

However, powerful figures will intervene. The tea master, Zen Dai Daichi, will want to retrieve the Raku Hachiman powers fabulous stolen by the samurai. And this was also sought by two rival clans: the stronghold of Asano and Tomaza of which depended library Amaterasu, where Emi Kane works.

Thus, the archivist Gen Hayao Kazuhisa, wanted to resume a formal letter to the black and gold ribbons, distributed twice a year, which contained secret information about the activities of influential people of Japan, with the Tokugawa. Moreover, the fierce fighting in the people of Edo have arrived.
A chase dangerous and exciting has take place through the Tokaido Road, which connects Tokyo (Edo) in Kyoto. This path, marked by 53 relay, sometimes traveled the coast with a distance of about 500 km.

Emi Kane and incantations of the Shogun in Edo”.

Good reads.
Thank you for your loyalty.

Image of the Artist AURORY

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