Emi Kane is a prisoner, on the way to the dangerous road of the Tokaido.

Dear readers, here is the result of the fantastic tale. Chapter 6 is entitled “The wise old Asakusa”
Here’s a summary:

In the Japan of the 1850s with his booty, and his statements between belligerents, Emi Kane, the young Japanese found himself a prisoner in a cart, surrounded by soldiers. They were under the command of two formidable advisers of the emperors and the daimyo. Indeed, Encho Chan, the man was competent and sharp in the service of daimyo Gotoba-bô , Tomaz’s clan, while his sidekick, Shun Mei, another adviser, seemed very influential with the Tokugawa.
Emi Kane had however asked for reinforcements to help in Jun Wataru, his friend merchant, captured, and had signed an agreement with its chief archivist of the master library of Amaterasu, Gen Hayao Kazuhisa called the Gokenin.
Why had he stolen?

She was soon to understand because the tea master, Zen Dai Daichi, had other plans. Indeed, surprised and angered by the attitude of Gokenin, destroyed inadvertently kakemono, the offering given to him by the famous daimyo Date Yoshikuni, it decided to transfer him to other duties.

But the soldiers of the Emperor had stopped the tea ceremony by teaching him a new concern. Hidenori Dosan, the samurai in Edo look dangerous, possessed the precious Raku. The man had come to the place of the ceremony. Thus, the tea master was in need of Gokenin and her little archivist Emi Kane to find the object of great value, the magic of Raku Hachiman, manufactured by the tea master, Sen no Rikyu.

Emi Kane will face a samurai with terrible powers. Doing research in the library of Amaterasu, she discovered he was wearing armor with a dragon tied by a rope and spitting flames. What did it mean?
In addition, he had captured the small merchant, friend Emi, who had read the documents that he had not intended. So it was linked that fact to the samurai who had to take the boy to a destination unknown to the Tokaido.
When they arrive festival will be celebrated in the Asakusa district of Edo. Emi Kane will must to rally to her advisers and faithful men.
It would save the life of his friend but will be cautious and cunning, dangerous road to the Tokaido.

Following the fantastic tale tonight, Sunday, June 19, the site of tales :

“Emi Kane and incantations of the Shogun in Edo”.

Thank you for your loyalty.

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