Y-é-Cric! Y-é-Crac! Is the title of the new song of the series Ti-Coeur Angel.

Dear readers. It’s time to see the text of the song in the fantasy series Ti-Coeur ANGEL. Indeed, Pa Angel, the grandfather of Ti-Coeur, invite the neighbors to listen to his Friday night vigils, which give very good moments.
This wonderful storyteller, through his fabulous tales and sometimes terrifying, described the extraordinary events.

Here is an excerpt of the song: Y-é-Cric! Y-é-Crac!

“Friday night, is the vigil,
Come and participate,
Listen with joy, the storyteller
Pa Angel, the Ti-Coeur’s grandfather

Y-é-Cric! Y-é-Crac!
Y-é-Cric! Y-é-Crac!
Misti Cric!
And that Misti Crac!”

Published in full in the site of Ti-Coeur Angel: http://www.ti-coeurangel.com/
Thank you for your loyalty.

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