Fantastic tale. Chapters n°7 and n°8 “Emi Kane”

Hi dear readers. Here are the last chapters of the fantastic story”Emi Kane and incantations of the shogun in Edo.”

Chapter 7 is entitled: The abacus, of the sanctuary Sensō-ji
Chapter 8 is entitled: Chizu Manaka, the damned.

Emi Kane goes in search of dangerous samurai, Dosan Hidenori, who captured his friend, the small merchant, Jun Wataru. She is surrounded by two men, Encho Chan and Shun Mei, as well as soldiers who are on the trail of the most wanted man in the region. Dosan Hidenori has stolen precious letters, official, and the magic Raku of Hachiman. He wants to join the perilous route, of the Tokaido. Emi Kane wanted get information from the High Priest, Daichi Bunta, in the sanctuary Senso-ji.
He will show that the beautiful Miko, Chizu Manaka, is a guardian of the temple, and with a dragon tattoo, will prove to be a dangerous woman.

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