Fantastic tale. Chapters n°9 and n°10 “Emi Kane”

Dear readers. Here are the last chapters of the fantastic story “Emi Kane and incantations of the shogun in Edo.”

Chapter 09 entitled: The sacred dragon
Chapter 10 entitled: In the house of Kaoriko Etsu, the geisha

The soldiers and advisers, Shun Mei, and aggressive Encho Chan, under the orders of the Tokugawa Shogunate, in search of the samurai, Hidenori Dosan and a formidable woman, Chizu Manaka, the miko, the dragon tattoo on the body. Emi Kane hopes to see his friend Jun Wataru, who was kidnapped by the samurai. She will then have a big surprise. The group should meet urgently the magic of Raku Hachiman, confidential letters before they reach the Emperor in Kyoto.
Between intrigues, dangers in a society militarized Japan, made of feudal clans and through the dangerous and wonderful landscapes of the Tokaido, the fantastic tale takes us into the Edo period. It crosses several stations of the Tokaido represented by the artist, Nihonbashi to Kyoto, where the relationship between the Shogun of Edo, the emperors and the daimyo is a perpetual struggle to gain power.

Emi Kane will find that those who accompanied him on her travels, possess strange differences over the objectives of their missions.

The site of fantastic tales you can read the first 10 of the 37 chapters of the fantastic tale Japanese:
Much thanks for your loyalty.

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