Tale 6: Rosea and Oleander, in search of fabulous Arms of the Manticore.

Here is a new fantasy story, dear readers,

In the county of Herefordshire, west of England, the mid-nineteenth century, Mrs. Irmine Lindors, and Rosea, her daughter, age 12, anxiously, was awaiting.

Each month, the arrival of the official man English East India Company, was responsible for bringing their father’s new family. Indeed, the latter, general manager of a business of the company had mysteriously disappeared, carried away by a monsoon, or a rare disease, there are eighteen months ago.

Research is continuing to find Mr. Lindors, in the counter Bombay, belonging to the Company, as powerful rivals were eager to recover the fruits of his labor and the market share. Land of huge farms seemed to be negotiated.

How, Korad Crocvil, a member of an insurance company is there to act as bursting into their lives so peaceful?

How Captain Edward Gunvor, will he be able to give them information surprising? What is the content of mysterious boxes of iron found in warehouse Indian spices?

Why one day birthday, he will be fatal to the survival of this family?
Here’s an excerpt:

Tale 6: Rosea and Oleander, in search of fabulous Arms of the Manticore.

‘Rosea had a string of toys and dolls, large and small that his father brought him to India.

However, in recent months, furious at the disappearance of her father, she had decided to cut their torment and a member each day. Then, once crippled Rosea placed them in big burlap, she hid in the garden.

She took her last doll, and went in his room.

– Do I take the candy jaggery, tamarind or?

– No, you have to eat more because we dine soon, darling, in an hour.
– Mom, when I grow up, I’ll play often at the doll, and I will always carry one on me.

His mother laughed and opened her bag. She dug in and showed him a form wrapped in a veil. Rosea the unfolded and discovered a rag doll.

– It was the one your grandmother had given me when I was your age. But you see, I do not play with dolls and I do not make them suffer my whims. ”

It is by praying one Sunday in a small chapel English qu’Irmine Lindors learned with dismay that a powerful and evil Manticore circulated in the city they inhabit.

The memories of an old Indian legend, his mother told him the day before the anniversary of her daughter coming back.

Irmine must therefore pass the legend to his daughter Rosea, to warn of a danger.

PS: This story may contain frightening scenes, which should be read carefully to children.


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