New version of the fantastic tale n°6, Rosea and Oleander…

Dear readers,

Here is an extract from the new versions of Chapters 1, 2 and 3:

“Hearing a noise, they jumped. Then Rosea Lindors, her small girl, rushed to the bed of his mother.
– I’m afraid!
– What’s happened to you my darling?
– I heard a noise that continues growing strong in the empty room next door of my room, and it woke me up.
– We live in an old mansion, and it’s the wind that rushes into certain structures of the frame, said his mother to reassure her. However, I will see this, said Irmine Lindors. You can lie down in my bed.
– No, I’m coming with you, proposed Rosea, because she not wanting to be alone in her room.
Before leaving his room, the woman came out of a cupboard a shawl which she placed on the shoulders of Rosea.
When they entered the room, they felt an icy cold invade.”

The site:
Tale 6: Rosea and Oleander, in search of fabulous Arms of the Manticore.

See you soon.
Thank you for your fidelity.

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