New site! Sherley Sherly Scenarios Films

Dear readers,
You can read more adventures of Sherley SHERLY and her musician friends dancers in a new website dedicated to the scenarios.
Scenes of fantastic thriller, science fiction, humor and feelings, will placed into the extracts.

New site!

Here is information from the author’s blog:

Here is an excerpt the Artemis of Ephesus:

“Yan Cunningham did not feel the want to see the arrival of his new friends of the Wesss in his secret home. Moreover, no one really knew where he lived, except his girlfriend Kytty Bloom (…).
He liked his comrades of the Wesss, but not appreciated Ricardo Firzy. His arrogance (…) He began seriously getting tired of his reprimands. He would have to give him a lesson. (…) ”

12-The Artemis of Ephesus No. 4 part 1

Much thanks for your fidelity.

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