The fantastic tale continues with Rosea and Oleander …

Dear readers, this is the Chapter 5
The unspoken

The girl, Rosea Lindors, and his mother have just inherited a mansion in the ancestral lands of the Lindors family. Property strange phenomena take place in it. It was entering an unoccupied room that the discovery of an old book will give them information about their terrifying past.
In her , “The chained library school”, giving art classes, Rosea met a boy, Oleander Bridgman who will keep several aspects.
The girl held her account of this?
Why she feels a little discomfort? What did will soon learn his family about his future?

Here’s an excerpt:

– Who is it? Asked the housekeeper. She was trembling.
They were surprised to see down the hall, a tall figure on the last step. A man with an ax on his shoulder gleaming ran toward them, shouting.
Women screamed, tried to close the door. (…)

Tale 6: Rosea and Oleander, in search of fabulous Arms of the Manticore.

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