Sherley Sherly scenario No. 2 “The Obole of Kulyab”

Into the section Intrigues. Investigations 3/10, extract:

“- Julian Seifert, I present you the main investors of the two wonders of the world, the Garden of Babylon, and the Artemis of Ephesus, Martin Collins, the brothers Kulyab. (…)
– So dear Mr. Seifert Junior, your stepfather appreciates you, and we talked so much of you, said Collins, the manufacturer who had to buy two international companies.
– We are delighted to finally meet you, said Sodromak Vulmic, in his luxurious clothes. Our ancestors, merchants, from Koulaib Valley, south of Tajikistan, have given us the taste of trade, labor, and effort. (…) We are very concerned about the ceremony that you will start soon.
On hearing the first question, Julian held the confirmation of his fears. “

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