The Obole of Kulyab 5/10. Sherley Sherly.

Dear readers,
Have a nice holiday season, and new year. You will find a new publication, in the scenario “Sherley Sherly and the Seven Wonders of the World”

SYNOPSIS SCENARIO N°2: The Obole of Kulyab 5/10

Here’s an excerpt:
“Two waitresses were waiting for guests in wheelchairs hanging wrought iron. (…) Dressed in silk and adorned with necklaces inlaid with precious stones, they represented through objects and signs of the capital, Dushanbe.

While enjoying their meal high in refined dishes, earthenware, hand painted, brothers Vulmic, watching the women, smiling.
Charles Seifert sitting in front of the man he considered the most dangerous of the group. (…).“

In the site:

Scenario No. 2 continues with another section, soon.
Thank you for your fidelity.

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