Chapter 1 of Volume 4 of Ti-Coeur ANGEL

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Chapter 1, entitled “The Thymothy Stages”

The stylist internationally renowned Thymothy Hongres, aided by his chief seamstress Ernestine Marlifricota, about to receive students from the school of fashion, the “Little Hands” in the Town of St. Pierre in Martinique. The boss, Mrs. Augustine Sinter has selected some students for an internship in the Thymothy Stages “, in the beautiful city of Francois.
You can read an overview, the first 5 chapters of Volume IV of the series Ti-Coeur Angel, entitled:
“Ti-Coeur ANGEL and Silver trade winds of the Caribbean”.

Here’s a summary:
“Dressed in a purple jumpsuit decorated with small wheels on the shoulders, the head seamstress, aged thirty-two years longed to work for a young designer as talented. It was showing her a dress she had made up, he’s recruited at the beginning of January.
Before reading her CV, Hongres examined the clothing from every angle. He tried the dress, and adjusted the belt.
A laugh broke the atmosphere.” (…)

The full reading of the chapter n°1 is in the site:
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