The fantastic tale continues “Rosea and Oleander …”

Dear readers, here is the after the fantastic tale:

“Rosea Lindors looked at his mother in the mirror, she saw an embarrassment, for his voice trembled slightly when she tried to talk to him. (…)
Irmine Lindors was in shock from the testimony of Stephan Gillian, attacked by a swarm of insects that he could not describe, and the vision of suppurative wounds of its members. (…)
How such a short time, plaques and crevices have soaked in his own skin? (…) Ms. Lindors was driving the 4×4 with a lot of nervousness. “(…)

The following fantastic tale ” Rosea and Oleander in search of the fabulous blazon of Manticore in the site:
(This is the new title of the fantastic tale).

PS: This story may contain frightening scenes, which should be read carefully to children.
Thank you for your loyalty.
Have a good day.

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