Reading of Chapter 8 of the fantasy tale

Hi dear readers,
Chapter 8:”The alarming disappearance”

“Heading towards the mansion, Irmine Lindors, took her handkerchief, and attach it to his face, as an acrid smoke rushed to her throat.
Before it, Rosea Lindors would run faster.
– Mom, I hear the cries?
– Come back my darling, there is too much smoke.
– It’s Cracky, it barks!
– Cracky?
– Yes, the puppy of the property. It’s a prisoner of the flames.
– But, there has never been a puppy at the mansion?
The child quickly borrowed the flowered alley,(…)
– But I cannot let him die. I’ll get it!
– No! Screamed the mother.” (…)

In the site:
Fortunalia. Book of Magical Tales.
Tale n°6: “Rosea and Oleander in search of the fabulous blazon of Manticore.”
See you soon,

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