Chapter No. 9 of fantastic tale entitled “The convocation of blessed”

Dear Readers,
Here is a summary of the chapter:
“Laura Bridgman, the mother of Oleander, quarantine, watching from the window of his kitchen, the comings and goings of police in the manor of Wye.
This landscape architect looked Ms. Lindors on her balcony. She holding a pair of binoculars on his face screwed.
She felt sad for her, and blamed himself for not having had the courage to prevent her of the dangers of this place (…). After all, I’m not real estate agency, and she should have inquired. (…)
Thirty minutes had passed when she was surprised not to see his son come home from school.

Rosea and Oleander in search of the fabulous blazon of Manticore”
Chapter N°9 of the tale N°6, is in the site of fantastic tales:

Thank you for your loyalty.

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