A new chapter of the British fantasy tale

Dear Readers,
Here is the first part of chapter No. 10 titled “The appointment from beyond the tomb”
“Anthony Collins, the taxi driver was traveling cautiously taking care not to double any vehicles. He knew every nook and cranny of dangerous traffic.
– I do not understand why you do not travel faster, Granet James got mad!  You are not aware that my daughter has disappeared!
– I do my best sir, ‘replied the driver. I will not want to drag us into a ditch.
– When we arrive at Wye?
– In an hour, sir.
Anxious, he reads the message, a stewardess had forwarded for him, immediately, when he landed in London
– “Mr. Granet, here’s your call.
You are in danger in the manor of Wye. Go, before it’s too late. Much misery, too much despair. You can find information at the cathedral, blessed as they are convened. “

The site: “ Rosea and Oleander in search of the fabulous blazon of Manticore”
Chapter N°10 of the tale N°6, is in the site of fantastic tales:

Thank you for your loyalty.

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