Publication of a new fantasy tale.

Dear readers,

Here’s the story n° 7: Emi Kane and The tablets of Jade.

It’s spring, when Emi Kane, the apprentice was back in the library Amaterasu, into Edo.

And you can read an exclusive first 10 chapters of this story, dedicated to publishing.

In this period where the troubled Japanese shoguns of the Tokugawa family are powerful, we see that they have a great influence on many political, social and cultural rights in the country.
Meanwhile, a contrast exists in the library seems to be protected by these tensions. Indeed, preparations for the famous Kanda Matsuri festival will, begin and young apprentices should actively tackle their tasks to honor Amaterasu library of Edo. The friends of Emi Kane, Miyu Hina apprentice librarian et Jun Wataru, the sinner, will cannot welcome Sae Kiwa, the new girl,  including with her strange behavior.

The shoguns hold priceless treasures, and they also want to own them. The tablets of Jade, are become the trophy to proper. People are terrorized by their controls and did not feel safe. Why the Gokenin groups are in town?

What are they looking for?

Daimyo lords and samurai experienced under the command of the Emperor and the Shogun of Edo, will be in conflict. However, one goal will gather, retrieve the Jade tablets that give wonderful benefits. However those who have will discover at their peril, the terrifying reverse of the tablets of Jade.

You can read more in the fantastic tales site:

Fortunalia. Book of Magical Tales. 
Best greetings.

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