Tell Me About Yourself Award!

Hi. I got an Award, some time ago, and I gladly accepted :

Tell Me About Yourself Award!



1 Thanking Travel Culture Food 

I warmly thank, Travel Food Culture which has a wonderful site!
We discover landscapes,  cultural sites very interesting.
Just by reading the pages of the site, looking at the photographs, you are already on vacation.
Dear readers and friends, check out this great cultural site, we can only go so it is!

2 Seven things about me that I haven’t shared:

1. The scariest thing that happened to me was when I saw a ghost at night in turn a corner …

2. I paint so well that my canvas confounded with that of a great master of abstract …

3. I do not like wickedness, and unfortunately I knew her very early in my life, in various ways.

4. During my teenage years, I’m disguised as a boy for an evening costume party to celebrate the birthday of a friend. Well! What I have not heard as a conversation on women…

5. Me too, English, is not my mother tongue, and I had one day change the name of one of my characters series, which has a temperament virulent as it was called a poltroon …

6. Sometimes I write several fantastic stories at once. And I love the finish, to reread, and improved. While I’m writing a new fantasy story, a friend impatient wonder:
– “Joelle, what will happen to this character? I replied,
– But I do not even know the rest of the story, how do you want me to tell you the end? ” She replied surprised…

7. I was born in France.

Here is a choice of several sites that I like.

3 Nominate 7 People:


petrel41  (Many interesting articles on various topics of the life)


2  J. E. Lattimer  (Site talented in several areas)


3    Russel Ray Photos (News reports, creations and very interesting articles)


4   Shutterbug Sage (A site artistic and with cultural level)


5      (Various good articles and beautiful places in this nice community)

http ://


6    ManoliRizoFotografia (Beautiful photographs)


7    The World of Alexander (Very interesting and historical documents)



Much thanks Travel Culture Food for the Award.

Best greetings.


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13 replies

  1. I have been catching up on award nominations and I finally had the time to accept this award- Thank you so much once again, and I’m sorry that it took so long for me to get to this! Have a great day & welcome to 2013! 😉

  2. I guess I kind of have to like this post, huh?…………….Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much Joëlle, for nominating me!

    As soon as my blog will be back on the rails, I will write about the award 🙂

  4. Congratulations and thank you very much! Have a beautiful Sunday! 🙂

  5. Congrats & thank you very much, Joelle Jean Baptiste! Have a great day! 🙂

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