Super Sweet Blogger Award!

Hi. I received a lovely award a few weeks ago a:

Super Sweet Blogger Award!

1 Thanking Dear Kitty, petrel41

This is a nice award from a friendly blogger Dear Kitty, petrel41, who has a site filled with interesting articles on various topics. Have a look at his great blog to discover much interesting news on the reality of life.

2. Answer 5 super sweet questions:

1.Cookies or cake?
Preferably light cookies
2.Chocolate or vanilla?
A marble cake, vanilla and chocolate, adequate doses.
3.What is your favorite treat soft?
A fresh cup of exotic fruits with a Pussy Foot
4.When do you want the most sweet things?
Sometimes, but not in excess.
5.If you had a mild nickname, what would it be?
My sweet darling

3.List of12 nominees.

And now pause cookies while admiring this beautiful scenery..Among many blogs, I chose to nominate 12 sites with photographs of qualities, with beautiful landscapes, articles very interesting,  or images sometimes original.

 My nominees for the Super Sweet Blogging Award are:      

1) Ken Bennison’s Photography

2) Brian Gaynor Photography 

3) rayfausel photography         

4) Andy Porter Photography   

5)  uthamz                                   

6)  petersadventure                  

7) FreeBirD                                 

8)  KerstenbeckPhotographicArt

9) grishmanphotography          

10) Travel Culture Food            

11)  Cristi M.                                 

12) Patrick Latter                        

Much thanks Dear Kitty, petrel41 for the Award.

Have a good weekend.

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8 replies

  1. Thank you for a lot (like this)~
    Good day ^^

  2. Congratulations!
    Best regards,

  3. Congratulations on receiving the award. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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