The fantastic tale “Emi Kane”…chapter 4 entitled metamorphosis.

Dear readers,
Here is the publication of the fantastic tale:

“Emi Kane and The tablets of Jade”, Chapter 4 part 2, metamorphosis.″



An excerpt:
“Into the inn, The green swan , the servant Amasu Kiwa, quickly ended his service and went to her room with her daughter, Sae Kiwa.
– The statue that you had created was what form?
– I’m not affected by the transformation, do not worry mom.
– You have, however, given the same lump of clay than others?
– Yes, but I do not feel anything.
– By cons, Miyu Hina made a praying mantis and Emi Kane made a macaque with clay.
– Oh, the poor! Stammered his mother, this man uses various means to use human beings.”(…)

Following is the site of fantastic tales: Fortunalia – Carnets des Contes Magiques

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