Scenario 3. Sherley Sherly. Article 5. The ultimate conference (2)

Hi. You can now read a new article n°5 entitled: The ultimate conference (2)

Here is an excerpt:

“Andrei Bikerman was meticulously peeled Taylor’s life, and had noticed a disturbing three years where the scientist was not listed in any laboratory in the world.
– He no longer worked in the company MWP, Materials World Paramilitary at that time and had returned at the end of its mandate for a month.
– Damn, you’re a cop or something? Had criticized  Ryōchōmei Akio, who disapproving his methods.
– I look at the work of Professor since my 10 years, you know very well.
– Andrei, there is a big difference between following his work and view his work without permission.
– I wanted to tell him he was wrong!
– About what?
– About of interstellar travel.” (…)

Following the publication article 5 of the scenario 3 “Sherley Sherly & the Lydia of Gold Price”, in the

Thanks for your fidelity.

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