The fantastic tale continues chapter 5 The trap

Hi.Dear readers. This is the new publication of the fantastic tale.

“Emi Kane and The tablets of Jade”, Chapter 5″Part 1

 This is an extract:

Meanwhile, a guard brought a mixture to Emi Kane found it delicious.
– What is it?
– These bananas mixed with some fruit, and small mushrooms.
– I’m hungry too, says Muyu Hina, his girlfriend apprentice, who had just woken up behind his screen.
Intrigued, Emi Kane went to the apprentice. She spread large sheets of his terrarium, and discovered a camouflaged slender form inside, with the head protruding eyes with facets. Muyu Hina held out her arm consisting of spades, and she demanded to eat.
Emi Kane looked at her with disgust, recoiled terrified (…)

Following is the site of fantastic tales: Fortunalia – Carnets des Contes Magiques

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