Fantastic tale with the Chapter 6: the hunting.

Hi. You can discover the new reading the fantastic tale:

 Emi Kane and The tablets of Jade”Chapter 6

Image by the artist intano

Here is an excerpt:

 “Exhausted, Muyu Hina, are squatting to a water point. She looked at her face frightening aspects of a praying mantis. She drank sips in a water body.
Suddenly, she was relieved to see her look back. But the skin of her face burned. She went out of his pocket a lotion that the soldier had placed in her terrarium. She remembered to be seized before jumped out of his terrarium to hang from the ceiling. She opened the bottle, sniffed. It was a creamy lotion. She applied it to her face and hands. Her long hair appearance seemed to return.
She could still hear the screaming soldier. (…)
Stress seized her, and looking at one last time in the water, a few moments after she was unrecognizable.(…)”


Following is the site of fantastic tales: Fortunalia – Carnets des Contes Magiques
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