Sherley Sherly. Article 5. Think up Zen: The attack

Hi. You can read a new article n°5 entitled: The attack

Article 5. Think up Zen: The attack

Here is an extract:

When Ryōchōmei Akio had returned, the problems seemed lower in the building, the Think up Zen and rapidly improving to become insignificant.

– Sherley, I feel in a gilded cage, had entrusted him wesseur. When I walk away, the building calls me. So, that I can look into it. (…)

– Ryōchōmei, quick! Gloves, Sherley Sherly exclaimed, quickly opening drawers.

The wesseur appeared  paralyzed.

– Reacts, dammit!

It is immediately continued.

The wesseurs were watched with every suspicious signs. They used to throw glances to retransmit their actions.

Aware of its lack of effectiveness, Akio took off his jacket, grabbed Soleily Del Amontes who began to suffocate and carried on his back by browsing several meters in the dark garden. ”


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