The vigil of Pa ANGEL No.2. The stroke of fate

Dear readers,
Here is the reading of the first chapters of the new fantastic vigil.

“The incredible command of Raoul Brodequin over Vichy”, entitled: The stroke of fate

This is an extract:

“The old man hunched, and with disheveled hair to a balding, approached of the teller and said:

– Mr. Angel, this vigil is perfect!

– Thank you. Who am I speaking to?

– I am your neighbor, Jules Rabiot. You see the house which is the trail left center lane and go to your appended to the main road.

– I see, said Pa Angel, which in fact had no idea, while scratching his little beard he was growing.

– I invite your lovely family and yourself, in my area of ​​Beau Ash Calvary to hear your next vigil. Would you accept take part?

– With great pleasure, said Pa Angel while Angel Man opened her eyes wide letting fall a plate of peanuts (…).

Then Angel Man rushed to her husband and asked him to come and talk away from the guests.

– Do you know who this man is?

– Our neighbor.

– A neighbor who has no home. This is not the nice Calvary but a hut in ruins, without foundation, nothing.

– This can only urge me to accept my soft doudou, answered quietly Pa Angel. I love storytelling in original locations. (…)

– I heard it was not very holy old man. So you go without telling me and my son!

How would I tell my vigil without your great tarts that give me so much energy? Said Pa Angel grabbing a piece of pie “(…)

The vigil is in the site of Ti-Coeur Angel series:

Thank you for your loyalty


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