The vigil of Pa ANGEL No.5. The gears

Dear readers,
Here is the reading of the chapter of the new fantastic vigil.

“The incredible command of Raoul Brodequin over Vichy”, entitled: “The gears”

Here is an excerpt:

Mrs. Brodequin looked the pussy, Crinoline, and closed her eyes and sighed, because, another twine very thicker appeared.

– Where does it come? Firmin worried.
– Crinoline has eaten a portion of your meal I had put the front door, proved his wife.
– Are you sure of that?
– Absolutely, I was checked in his hiding place under the stairs. There were crumbs.
Firmin gave the knife to his wife and ordered.
– Continue to cut the strings, I’ll be right back.

The cat balked and took out the claws.
Then Firmin ran to the house sock, and was surprised to find strings at the door. They obstructed. Firmin decided to go through the door anticyclone. This part of the house joined, by a partition. He hurried to his shoe shop and grabbed the box of the shaman.

He took the vial that his son, Raoul, had opened, he saw no little man inside, but read “Go”. He looked at the bottle aside and reassured read “Back”.

He had found the solution!

He also decided to take a random bottle thinking it was better protect them. One vial stated: “Cancel”.

Firmin went to the garden when a familiar voice called out.

– Mr. Brodequin?

He turned and saw the head with curlers, of his neighbor, Laurette Sidonie, a septuagenarian, beyond the fence.

How does it happen that you cannot enter through your door of your house?

The vigil is in the site of Ti-Coeur Angel series:

Thank you for your fidelity.

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  1. I love the little tidbits you throw into your writing that made me smile (not just saying), “crumbs…head with curlers.” Reading things like this really helps me with my own writing. Have a great weekend. Paulette

  2. Hi dear petrel41
    Thank you very much for this award!
    Have a good day : )

  3. Congratulations, Joëlle!

    I have nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    The rules of this award are at

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