The vigil of Pa Angel: The worrying echo (1)

Dear readers,

Here is the part n° 7 of the Vigil of Pa Angel, entitled the worrying echo.

Here is an excerpt:

“Ines, do not you see the damage caused by the pussy? Without waiting for a response from his niece, Mrs. Sidonie decided:

– We go at home.

– All in good time, though Honorine Brodequin.

– Thank you for you’re welcome, I would tomorrow morning with the charts of my niece and some products for specific treatments. (…)

– But in fact, what plant you talking about?

– I’m an herbalist. This is my hobby. And I could heal. .

– No! My cat does not need it, had cut Honorine.

– But that’s your boy, I’m concerned, revealed the woman, sure of her.

The couple of Brodequin looked worried.

– We will see that, Firmin said, hesitantly.

– So tomorrow.

When his wife closed the door on their neighboring, distraught she turned to her husband.

– How one woman of a undertaker’assistant can it cure my child if it is only to precipitate in a tomb?

– Doudou, you don’t to be pessimistic.

– She will not near my boy!

– So we will keep the door closed, decided the shoemaker.”

You can read this new section in the series Ti-Coeur Angel.



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  1. Thank you Mary for your kind words, and for this award. Have a good day: )

  2. Great blog! I’ve enjoyed your posts so much, that you’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations, please go to to see the notice and rules. Enjoy! Mary

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