The vigil of Pa Angel: Ties of hell (3)

Dear readers,

Here is the part n° 7 n°3 of the Vigil of Pa Angel, entitled “Ties of hell”

Here is an excerpt:

“Ti-Coeur found itself his bed and fell asleep peacefully. When he awoke in the night, he heard a voice ask:

– Ti-Coeur I need you. Come and save us!

The child left his bed and went to the louvers, opened them and recognized a familiar face. It was Raoul Brodequin who spoke to him. His hands were shackled to bloody thread, and his legs surrounded by multicolored strings that slowly ascended feet to his head.

Ti-Coeur wanted to join him and quickly leave the room to go to his rescue. When he opened the door he was repulsed by pieces of son. He noticed head the pussy, Crinoline, entangled in it. Suddenly, a huge ball of thread fell upon him.(…)”

You can read this new section in the series Ti-Coeur Angel.

Thank you for your loyalty


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