New tale. Emi Kane and the Sacred Wisteria of the Shogunate

Dear readers,

Here is the fantastic new tale of the trilogy Emi Kane, entitled: Emi Kane and the Sacred Wisteria of the Shogunate

“Then the young Japanese fled in the opposite direction to the library management.

– Where are you going? Cried Muyu frightened.

– Shut up and follow me! intimate Kane.

They circled around large bushes and instead of taking a conventional path, they pushed aside the branches of a flowering apricot and walked around two maple webbed holly shrubs, to make abruptly in a corner that nobody even suspected his friend sinner Jun Wataru, who sought one day Emi Kane for a good hour.

– Welcome to my secret stash!

– It’s quiet here!

– Yes, and I am protected from the weather.

Emi Kane opened a chest hidden under ivy and surrounded by stone, and laid the parchment.

– Give it to me now that you’ve stolen Muyu.

– I got nothing.

– Let’s see!

– She gave him two foreign works, Emi delicately placed. Then she closed the case.

– We look at all this tomorrow.

Under the bridge, Emi often seen boats move to approach the entrance to the main city bridge. And so they saw those samurai roam the pond out of Amaterasu park.

Emi shuddered watching the three masks of samurai. It was that of monsters, the youkai.(…)”

You may read more at the site of fantastic tales: Fortunalia. Book of Magical Tales. 

Thank you for your loyalty.

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  2. a very interesting and exciting tale Joelle
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