Fantastic tale, Emi Kane. Chapter 3 Part 2. “Time is running out.”

Dear readers,

Here is the continuation of the fantastic tale, « Emi Kane and the Sacred Wisteria of the Shogunate. » chapter 3, party 2 entitled: “Time is running out.”

Here is an excerpt:
“Suddenly, having nothing to lose, Emi Kane shouted.
– Guard! Guard!
A young soldier entered in the room.
– I’m terribly badly, drive me to the infirmary!
– Miss Kane, I been ordered to not to leave your room.
– Guard, there is a settlement here. I remind you that I am a child who requires emergency care. If I happen to anything, I will inform your supervisor, and you will be penalized.
– I have to take into orders, the soldier replied firmly.
– I am the daughter of Matsudaira Yoritoshi. He has under his command the seigneur Kanemort. I recall that work closely with the Tokugawa lied Emi Kane, with force.
The soldier looked at her with amazement. The master Kanemort was known to be associated with the Tokugawa shoguns and have save several fights; even for the atrocities he had his soldiers. He could cut their members will if its demands were not met. It was a terrible man.(…) In the region, it was said he had hanged by one foot a soldier for hours because he had neglected his uniform. Another had been cut off one ear, because he had retransmitted incomplete information.
The soldier was afraid.
– It’s weird; your name does not seem to relate to this family.
– I prefer to abbreviate my surname Kanemort in Kane, only for short! And everyone knows here.
– I must not make you leave your room.
– This is a case of absolute necessity!
– Uh. He hesitated.
– And besides, I do not know where the infirmary, said the soldier sheepishly. I’ll ask my chief.
– How? You do not have made location pins made of the place? Did Emi, pretend to be surprised when she staring at him.
– This was not my role.
– My father often told us: “Every soldier must know the location of its passage and place in a database, to avoid the risk of being attacked by the enemy! Said, Emi Kane.” (…).

You can read more storytelling on the website: Fortunalia. Carnets des Contes Magiques.

Thanks for your fidelity.


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  1. Joelle Jean you have a great blog that I’ve enjoyed following for some time. I’ve nominated you for the ABC Award (Awesome Blog Award). Please visit my blog for the rules

  2. very well written, Joelle , I like the flow of how the story reads too.
    groetjes, Francina

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