Fantastic tale, Emi Kane. Chapter 5, part n°1, the enchanting duplicate.

Dear readers,

Here is the publication of the Part 1, Chapter 5 of the tale, « Emi Kane and the Sacred Wisteria of the Shogunate » entitled “The enchanting duplicate.”

Nice fantasy girl

The extracts:
“Apprentice Donna Lingfug emerged from his involuntary sleep. She did not recognize the dark surroundings. It should be near the lake Amaterasu library. Donna was afraid. The kappa usually lived near the water as he tried to attract men and animals in the water.
She looked up at the dim light that reached the wall and saw an opening with bars. She looked heavy wooden door with a peephole were wrought iron . She was in a cave dug into the rock, certainly in the monster’s lair.
There were so many kappa in the library, and the infamous creatures really existed and seemed determined to hurt her.
She looked at her sore foot. Suddenly, his eyes fell on something that sparkles to a corner of the wall. (…)
She remembers the origin of the magic square; Emi Kane had counted for her the reading the legend of an old book from the library. (…)
Suddenly a cry behind the door frightened her. (…) »

The rest of the publication is on the site: Fortunalia. Book of Magical Tales.


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