New Song: “Olé ! Olé ! Holy sun Brasília!” World Cup

Dear readers,

Here is a new song n°6, out of the World Cup intergalactic games, kind of global Olympic games, the Sherley Sherly series. The parallel world Brazilian is open to all (…).

The song is called:“Olé ! Olé ! Holy sun Brasília!”

We are proud of our nation
Participate with passion
Games Champions
Flags of the world
Travel the full stadium
The Hola round
Sing this refrain

(Bis) Lifting their hands
Up! Up! Lift up your hands!

Olé ! Olé ! Olé ! Olé ! Olé ! Ola !
Olé ! Olé ! Olé ! Olé ! Holy sun Brasília!
Peaceful nation!
Play in the station!
Play in the show!
Olé! Olé! Oh !
(Bis)Olé ! Olé ! Olé! Olé! Olé! Ola!
Olé ! Olé ! Olé ! Ola ! Viva Brasília !

The rest of the song in the film’s website: Sherley Sherly

I wish you a happy new year 2014! Best wishes.
Thank you for your loyalty.

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