Sherley Sherly. Article 6.The express test

INTRIGUES Scenario 3

Hi. You can read a new article n°6 called: The express test

Article 6: Intrigues. The express test

Here is an extract:
Paul Risler, 48, traveling towards Marcyvilliers, and in thirty minutes, it would be to his appointment business. He had to recruit a new assistant, whose qualities of learning and knowledge seemed ideal.
He had made a trivial announcement, he had taken the bait. He had succeeded, and then five hundred or five renowned researchers failed. The edge of the forest, (…) he thought he had the wrong path. His GPS had yet told him the right direction. He trusted this stranger (…) because it was his last hope of finding his daughter alive. Undergo eight months of absence became terrible. Given this absence, his wife, Laura, 42, became mad with despair. (…)
Thus, the orders received a month ago seemed strict. Besides, he could no longer bear this blackmail. Three orders were executed to check Sonia, his only living daughter. (…)
Finally, this sword of Damocles never left. How far could he go to find his beloved daughter? It was immediately rush into a police station. She was told she had fugal, and after all it was major. (…)
It should cooperate to revise its lively girl. The first order was to hide. What? He knew nothing. The second defame. Who? And last much worried: he had to kill. (…)

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