Sherley Sherly. Article 7.The express test n°2

INTRIGUES Scenario 3
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Article 7: Intrigues. The express test n°2

By nauchnaya-fantastika

Here is an extract:

« Equations succeeded on the screen (…) trinomials, and letters and numbers, some of which were reversed (…). The scientist Paul Risler thinking, looking at the responses simultaneously appear on the screen. He could distinguish no red light.
This super strong student, had so far made no mistake, he had 100% success!
Paul Risler , happy to have found the gem , sent a text message to the man who held his daughter prisoner (…) “New assistant to top 80% performance . “
It was chilling when he read the answer: «We are coming! »
It was the end of the test. This group can finally stop the odious blackmail and let my daughter back home. We reform our family. The man smiled, thinking of his daughter Sonia, who was in the clutches of the kidnappers. (…)
In an adjacent room, a young man with a hood whose face was in shadow, smiling typing on the soft keyboard, and translucent. (…) And thanks to the micro (…) so he could take a breath of the two men installed through the wall, as if Bikerman and scientific illustrates sat beside him. (…)
Bikerman seemed concentrated, when suddenly a noise interrupted the session. (…) The student of Duodécade received a call on his mobile. He interrupted his sentence abruptly taking the call.
– Sherley! How are you? Better. Yes, I arrive in ten minutes.
– Is this a joke? Risler was shocked by sudden snatching the cell phone hands under the eyes of Bikerman amazes.
– Howdy! Howdy! You are here Bikerman? Asked a voice on the phone.
– No, he’s  working! Yelled the man brutally cutting communication, and then threw the phone at the other end of the room. » (…).

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