The choice belongs to destiny. Poetic letter.

Dear readers,
Here is an excerpt of new poetic letter entitled:

Woman choice in the night
The choice belongs to destiny

I appreciate the quality of your being
You listen, you stay honest

Your dialogues inspire me
Your boards are positives

Being proud of its shares in torments
Take care of oneself and other members

However, your inability to really suit
Our doubts sometimes worrying

However, your persuasiveness
That I may live with you together

My hesitation on my choice of lover
Made me write words in two small papers (…)


The poetic letter is on the site of poetry: The free thoughts


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2 replies

  1. no coincidence paced for me, all the existing set up,
    we are living through, for me, I was a player and my
    God the director, he has a good scenario for the
    players in a good character, he has a bad scenario for
    a bad player

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