Sherley Sherly. Scenario 3. Dangerous Mission Liquidated.

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This is a new article 5 of the film series Sherley Sherly, entitled: Dangerous Mission liquidated.


Here is an extract:

Kytty Bloom had a very clear mission. The Neutralizing, Lucie Richard, her rival in the group, would solve some of its problems. (…) She had to do it in two phases.
The first was a stunning coordinated. The group had raced to the hospital …
She would fill honored his contract and then change your identity. Her friend, Meï Diedya, was able to relay. This excellent shooter, hunter, mercenary, did not tremble clearly at the time to complete its victims in Role-Playing Game. However, she failed to tell her, that this was not a game… They had clashed in Oxus mercilessly (…). Diedya had debts to pay, and how best to do was honor in accepting this Dangerous Mission liquidated that would prove of dead …
It was with a twinge of heart that she had appreciated its relations with Wesseur, it was even part of travel. (…) Yann had introduced his partner, Lucie Richard, who had clearly become her rival. She had made her life hell (…) Cunningham was never forgiving her betrayal (…)
In London, at Scotland Yard Office, the boss of the Commissioner Thierry D’Ambroise, shouting on the phone:
– I told you, D’Ambroise of you wary of the members of Sherley Sherly Show! Here is an alarming message on one of their members. Their recruit, Kytty Bloom, is sought in the territory (…) for two years.
As if he could guess, thought D’Ambroise puzzled.
– She was a minor! I do not occupy me of cribs, would exclaim D’Ambroise, which with its terrorist networks and cyber criminals, and was far from the concerns of adolescents.
However, his boss bellowed, so, the officer merely connects the speaker to prevent the cries of his boss, as in music unpleasant tinnitus problem (…)

The publication article n°5 of SYNOPSIS of the scenario 3: “Sherley Sherly & the Lydia of Gold Price”, in the site:

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