Chapter 2 of Volume 3, Ti-Coeur Angel & the Apothecary – Tremor

Hi. Dear readers,
You can continue reading the first chapters of Volume 3
Ti-Coeur Angel & The Apothecary to be published on 15, 16 and 17 December 10.

Thymothy Hongres, the famous couturier injured his hand one evening on his way home. Indeed, left to an unknown plant thorn in his hand. Evil is intolerable, and thanks to the care of an old woman, he can just heal. However, when treatment is interrupted cannot have his medication. It must, in addition to exercise his talents in the course of Madame Sinter, the patron saint of small hands.
Ti-Coeur Angel, an apprentice dressmaker, Cannelle Cokar and his friends must help the man they admire so much. This will be a real ordeal for him. When the pain they admire the designer, will become unbearable, they will seek all remedies for her healing.
An old notebook, allow them to follow in the footsteps of a man with extraordinary powers, which prove to be almost inaccessible. It is a strange apothecary.

A race against time, harsh, commits to save their friend.

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